Easy Liquor

Inspired by the fast and busy lifestyle of modern living, Easy Liquor delivers canned cocktails with real spirit in a bold, refreshing and premium way that lets you take the experience wherever you go

Our canned range includes a range of four premium cocktails.



Ain’t no marg like it!

Combining the fresh tang of lime and the sweetness of simple syrup and grapefruit bitters with the distinctive tequila agave hit, we think it hits all of the right keys.

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Ginger Cosmo

Bringin' back the 90s.

The legendary pink-hued Cosmopolitan with a kick of ginger delivers a zesty sophisticated cocktail.

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Rum Punch

Not pulling any punches!

Guaranteed to bring a tropical buzz with the sweetly spiced rum alongside the vibrant hit of mango and coconut.

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Espresso Martini

The jumpstarter and night extender.

The iconic cocktail offers the perfect caffeine kick from the bold and sweet cold brew coffee resulting in the perfect pick-me-up in a can.

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 Canned cocktails that hit different!