Introducing our Seaward Pepino with Pentire

Seaward Pepino

We are delighted to announce our new and exclusive non-alcoholic blend in collaboration with Pentire, crafted using their plant-based spirit, Pentire Seaward.
An exclusive take on our popular Pepino blend, the new non-alcoholic blend replaces Gin with the invigorating and refreshing Pentire Seaward alongside 100% pressed lime juice, mint, cucumber and simple syrup, resulting in a zesty and sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktail. The Seaward Pepino was created to support those with active lifestyles and consider well-being and the power of a clear mind.
Pentire Seaward was created by collaborating with local botanists and distillers to make unique coastal, herbaceous and fresh flavour profiles that capture the flavour and feeling of its eponymous headlands. Seawards bright and zesty grapefruit citrus top notes blended with refreshing green natural tones from the Pentire Plant Blend proved to be the perfect base spirit for our non-alcoholic iteration of Lockdown Liquor favourite, Pepino.


Try our Seaward Pepino here