Introducing our Negroni

Negroni Tablescape

Like most cocktails, they start with a compelling origin story, the Negroni is no different involving rakish Italian nobility. Most accounts credit the recipe to Count Camillo Negroni in the early 20th century, who reportedly spent time as a rodeo cowboy in the United States. Compounding his wild ways, legend has it that at Café Casoni, Florence in 1919, he demanded that the bartender strengthen his favourite cocktail, the Americano, by replacing the usual soda water with gin, and the Negroni was born.
We have remained loyal to the three ingredient classic using its ancestral ingredient Campari, award-winning 58 & Co Gin and a perfectly balanced bittersweet vermouth. Navigating the balance between bitter and sweet, this century old drink has evolved into one of the cocktail cornerstones.


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