International Margarita Day, Picante Week!

Picante Tablescape

International Margarita Day is celebrated every year on February 22. It honours the Margarita - inarguably the most agreed-upon tequila cocktail in the world. We don’t need too many excuses to celebrate our Picante, however here’s one more...

Unlike the majority of cocktails, the Margarita's true origins are unknown, no handwritten recipe or bartender claims mean there is no way to say who invented the Margarita.

Like many three-ingredient classic cocktails it lends itself to endless variations, in our eyes - simple is best. Our Picante is inspired by the Tommy's Margarita, created by Julio Bermejo at the famed San Francisco tequila bar, Tommy's. We found the mellow sweetness of agave nectar plus the fact that its sugars come from the same plant as the tequila give the drink a brighter, more refreshing taste alongside our addition of a kick of heat and spice to finish it off. 

To celebrate International Margarita Day we have started celebrations early by offering 15% off our Picante range for a week. Automatically applied at checkout via our online store, offer ends February 24th, 2022


Enjoy our Picante Range here. Salud!